Hi there how are you doing? my name’s Colin and I am from creatix CMS and I want to

talk a little bit about what I’ve been doing over the last 20 years in web design

& search engine optimisation seo for short.


I’m just gonna give you a brief insight and progress the videos as we go along. Hit the subscribe button on youtube to stay on course with these videos.

This is my website as it is now and I use WordPress and on top of that I used a divi theme which is very good, more on Divi later.


What you’re seeing now is a new design for Creatix CMS.

The site is still under construction but that doesn’t matter we can look through the site. I will show you how I rank websites for Local SEO.

Over the years I have ranked many websites on Google and in many cases they are still there and still doing very well.


As long as you follow these videos you won’t go far wrong.


Looking at my website this part is known as above the fold, in this area you want to be

saying who you are what you do and give them a call to action okay so in this

case do you want your website on the first page of Google?

it’s what we do. Creatix CMS do web design & SEO.

and here it says “have an idea we’d love to hear it” click on this you can contact us right away.


okay let’s see what we do web design, SEO & marketing. There are three web design packages we

have to offer. Steps on how we work web design SEO and launch and grow

contact details throughout the page.


Offer something of value which is what I’ll do it right here already have a website well we will give away a free SEO audit, this can be quite in-depth as well but

we don’t want to blind everybody the Science. If people don’t know about SEO then we

can give them two options, one is an easy to understand report or an in depth report. We are giving away a free SEO audit on their website for many reasons. People always want something for free and that’s fine plus we want to help these people with their websites. If we can prove we can rank websites on poage 1 of Google then we have a very good chance of getting more business.


Moving on here we have testimonials always add these on your page this builds trust

as well.


Now lets take a look at some of the sites I have ranked on Google. Type in this keyword on Google landscaping in Lincoln. We’re looking for MGS which is here under Google my

business as you can see in the middle then we have Yell which is a business directory and the

straight below that we’re the first website and it took me three to four months to

actually get on the first page of Google which is quite good achievement.


Another website to look for is Hair by Em, type in mobile

hairdresser in Lincoln and there you go again the first website you see is Hair by Em.