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 Gain more organic traffic to your web pages. More importantly, the rank for the right keywords phrases with a good monthly search volume. Creatix CMS SEO Lincoln ranking websites on Google for organic searches.

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In today’s digital world it really doesn’t matter if you are a new start-up business or a small business. You can rub shoulders with the bigger companies on Google’s top page. Creating a great looking website is one thing, but getting it ranked on search engines is another. We understand what search engine optimisation is needed to help your website climb high on Google searches.

We have ranked new start-up businesses on the first page of Google many times. Our approach is based on our research. Keywords and competition are the main starting points. Choosing the right keywords with low competition and more importantly with a good search volume each month. From the outset, it is crucial to do the research correctly for a local SEO strategy.

There are many free tools you can get to help your business. Google my business listing is a great starting point, ranking your business in the map pack can really help your business grow.

Let us do all the research for you, we will find out about your online competition, what keywords we should be looking to rank for. What the volume and competition of these keywords are. These are major steps that must be looked into from the outset. The strategy needs to be in place before we start implementing any SEO.

Why do I need SEO

Websites need SEO to appear in SERP (search engine related pages). If you are not listed on Google’s 1st page then the chances are people will not find your website.

Creatix CMS SEO Lincoln has the tools and experience on how to increase your rankings on Google with our search engine optimisation techniques.

The main reason you want a website? is one of the first questions we ask. To gain new clients and tell the world who you are and what services you offer. A website and SEO should go hand in hand otherwise you are risking on losing out on potential clients and handing these over to your competition.

Submitting your website to local directory listings, Google My Business and many other factors help you achieve the status of being #1 on Google.

With Local SEO it is less complicated than National SEO and can produce results a lot quicker. Can you afford not to be seen on major search engines?

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SEO Lincoln

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Local SEO On-Site Optimisation Services

  • Title Tags
    The Title tag on each page must be relevant to the content it displays on your pages.
    Choosing a title relevant to the content of each page is very important. It is good practice that the title is good enough to effectively communicate the content of the site.
  • H Tags
    H tags are important when a search engine Google visits your website your keyword for that page should be using the H1 tag. You are telling the Search Engines this is the topic I want to be ranked for. Not to forget to use Bold, Italic, H2 and H3 tags within your content as well.
  • Meta Description
    Description tags are as important as page titles because the description of a web page on SERPs attracts visitor attention. A good description meta tag will have some quality words that can convince a visitor to click on your website.
  • Page Speed
    Page speed is important for visitors to your website. Pages that take a long time to load tend to have high bounce rates. Google has indicated the page is one of the factors to rank pages.

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Local SEO Off-Site Optimisation

  • Back-Links
    Getting the right quality citations and backlinks is essential to any website that wants to gain authority and rank high in search engines.
  • Google My Business
    Google my Business is free and easy to set up. Google my business can be optimised with your information, posts, and photos. When building citations all the relevant information must be the same as Google my business information.
  • Social Media
    Social Platforms although not an SEO necessity in some respects but we are now noticing more and more social platforms based content high in rankings. We can also use social platforms to gain brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.
  • Analysis
    Important information regarding competition, keywords, and backlinks are the key to success. We find out the search volume on your keywords and the size of the competition. With this information, we can then start to build a strategy going forward.

Google My Business is Free

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that allows you to manage the way your business shows up on Google Search and Maps. It includes your business location, your business name, your working hours, adding photos, mastering how and where your business is being searched, and also interacting with your customers by replying to their reviews.

One of the great ways of getting started with local SEO is focusing on Google My Business. The truth is that anyone who searches for a service or product near them are usually interested in making a purchase. This is why you need to have complete and optimised information about your business so that it will be easy for people to locate you when they search Google.

If you are new to digital marketing, you must recognize some basics to ensure you have a full understanding of Google My Business and how valuable it is.

Google My Business is a free tool, and GMB listing is not a replacement for your business’s website.

Google My Business serves as a complement to your existing website. It gives your business a public recognition and sight with a listing on Google.

Google My Business requires a one on one interaction because you can’t run your business 100% online.


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